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The Stories

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Post S4 Finale | Angst | Pre-Romance/Friendship | Ordinary Day

  Please take note:
Fanfiction.net has changed their link system. Hence, every ff.net story link on this page does not work. At present, I do not have time to fix the entire directory. I'm sorry for this inconvenience, but you can still access the stories. Go to the fanfiction.net search page (will open in a new page) and search for the story by title and/or author. Again, I apologize for this inconvenience, and I will try to fix this as soon as Real Life allows.

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Post Season 4 Finale (SPOILERS)

"The Sky is Green" by Etana
He turns her world upside-down.
Story | Email

"The Unexpected" by Kieyra
Finishes the ep.
Story | Email

"Monday Morning" by X Files Ostrich
The first day of the rest of her life.
Story | Email

"Aftermath" by SlayerKitty
Fun, fluffy, guilty pleasure.
Story | Email

"The Story" by Netherfield
A postmodern take on the season finale.
Story | Email

"Joining" by Netherfield
Challenges arise on the road from Independence to Joining.
Story | Email

The Art of Angst / One Character

"We Dance to Sad Songs, Too" by LegalBlonde
Story | Email

"The Day You Come" by CGB
"There is this: knowing that day will come."
Story | Email

"A Trip to the Lighthouse" by Haefen
"She was halfway in, in the sense that he never would be."
Story | Email

"The Things You Want" by Serenity Goddess
"Is a dream a lie if it doesn’t come true?"
Story | Email

"The King of Practical Wisdom" by Anna S.
"Castles are so drafty, and he has no idea where he'd keep a horse."
Story | Email

"All the Time" by Gwasshoppa
Luke breaks it down for Lorelai
Story | Email

"Chipped" by Clark's girl
The morning after Happily Ever After.
Story | Email

Pre-Romance and Friendship

"In the Dark" by Lula Bo
Things get electrical during a power outage.
Story | Email

"Lorelai Finds a Lump" by Ryan
Lorelai discovers that, no matter how much she pushes them away, the people who care about her will always be there.
Story | Email

"El Kirko" by Connecticut Junkie
When Kirk builds a weather machine, it's up to the Gilmore Girls to stop his nefarious plan!
Story | Email

"Togetherness" by Crazy Dreams
The diner catches on fire, so Lorelai offers to let Luke stay with her.
Story | Email

"Bittersweet Tonight" by Deranged Fool
L and L play bagel-hockey after-hours in the diner.
Story | Email

"Lakeside" by Kaybee
That time she saw him shirtless at the lake.
Story | Email

"Cheeseburger in Paradise" by aliarose
Red meat on bun makes it all better.
Story | Email

"The Softball Story" by Steph5
When Emily visits Stars Hollow, Luke tells her a story about Rory as a kid.
Story | Email

An Ordinary Day, Except Not

"Stranger Things Have Happened" by Agent M
After Luke and Lorelai see a UFO, mysterious things begin to happen. Meanwhile, everyone in town thinks they're dating. 
Story | Email 

"It's Right There" by Ann NC17
"Just look the guy in the eye - it's right there."
Story | Email

"The Morning After the Night Before" by AnxietyGrrl
"'She watched him turn to leave, saw his hand fall on the doorknob, and blurted, 'Stay!''"
Story | Email

"Pretty in the Morning" by Green Eve
What does it take to woo a Gilmore Girl? A man with a plan.
Story | Email

"Take Whatever You Can Get" by Keiyra
She walked into is life, and it was never the same again.
Story | Email

"She Said Yes" by Shortie Girl
Luke and Lorelai heat things up when Rory goes away for the summer
Story | Email

"The Next Best Thing" by Lilianna
The drama, the comedy, the romantic tension between L&L
Story | Email

"Baskets" by Steph5
This time the men make the baskets and the women bid on them.
Story | Email

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